The Benefits of Digital Marketing

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In an ever increasing digital world, places and spaces traditionally reserved for the early adopters or tech innovators is becoming mainstream to even the most tech challenged individual.

It is becoming more critical for businesses large and small to be playing in the digital marketing space. Our friends at Silicon Valley are making this so easy for even the solo entrepreneur to enter in to a world where they can have real conversations with their customer.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

The immediacy of marketing online is unparalleled. You can post an advert on Facebook, Instagram or Google and within minutes you have data to support whether your target audience will like to engage with your product or not. 

Target Marketing can be as broad or as narrow as you need it to be. Many small businesses make errors here though, thinking that more is better. This is not the case for most brands that have limited budgets to work with.

Marketing online can be very cost effective for small businesses that need leads and sales in order to invest more marketing budget. Digital Marketing channels allow for smaller budgets to be allocated daily, so the budding business owner can plan accordingly, manage cash flow, make sales and re-invest into the business.


Some of the challenges that companies can be overcome with digital marketing are:

  • Generating Traffic to your website and getting leads of new customers
  • Providing ROI for your marketing activities and spend
  • Securing enough budget to have an impact in the marketplace
  • Identifying the best platforms for your requirements
  • Managing an ecommerce website, linking in the lead generation and marketing activities
  • Targeting content for a regional, national or even international market
  • Hiring top talent to your team

All of these elements can be addressed with a limited amount of knowledge about marketing in general, the platforms that are available to use and of course, your own business.

Where to start

There is a plethora of free training material available on the large platforms like the Google learning platform. You can access many useful resources on this platform. You can access it here:

Facebook has it’s Blueprint portal where you can research more about advertising on the platform and even get certified.

The best part about getting your business on to the various digital marketing platforms, is you get to have real conversations with your customers. Instant feedback, their likes and dislikes and ways you can improve your business. All without spending anything on research. 

Sounds like a good deal to me!

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