Digital marketing is an essential puzzle piece

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If you have not made the decision to add digital marketing to your overall marketing strategy, where have you been?

If the Covid-19 pandemic and global lockdown has not shown us something about the power of the digital world in our daily lives, I don’t know what else has. 

Not only have companies been forced to innovate keeping their IT departments on their toes setting up multiple home offices for all the execs and essential workers that had to now work from home and isolation, they had to learn new skills in management of staff, work outputs and overall stressors on their customers.

News Channels are no longer on TV

Social media became the go-to for news about the outbreak, infection rates and of course a billion opinions on the cause and effect of the pandemic. Most news was fed while people were on-the-go, not in front of the TV.

Digital companies were the ones that were then deemed essential services with home and online delivery services becoming massive in a space where people either couldn’t access their favourite restaurant or store, or decided it was safer to order in.

Innovation abounded with restaurants quickly developing apps for home delivery to circumvent the high Uber eats and MrD Food fees, businesses who would normally deliver flowers and gifts, all of a sudden became personal shoppers, keeping their workforce in motion. 

To Pivot or not to Pivot

Many companies were in a position to move existing budgets online and so many small entrepreneurs developed a Facebook page and began selling PPE to their neighbours and surrounding businesses. 

However, this fast turnaround and innovation is temporary and many people will be going back to their regular 9-5 and closing their emergency businesses. 

The companies that have been forced to make changes, need to take a long hard look at the benefits and pitfalls of continuing remote working options for their staff and how they can remain in the online space going forward.

Where to from here?

It is crucial to have a plan. A Digital marketing strategy that can take your business onto the digital revolution. It is time to get onto the digital Ferris Wheel, before you are left behind.