Writing for SEO content on your website

SEO articles for your website

Writing with SEO in mind is easy if you follow the rules. So many articles today are still written in old PR speak. Passive voices, boring quotes from the business and long sentences that get lost in translation.

This is how search engines want your content to be written.

Flesh Reading Ease

It is all about easy to read language, limiting technical words and phrases and ensuring the content can be easily understood by all.

Transition Words

Linking sentences together with interesting transition words makes your blog better to read. You want to keep your readers entranced with the content.

Passive voice vs Active voice

PR of the past was always passive voice content. This has changed and consumers respond to active voice content online.

Consecutive sentences

Starting consecutive sentences with the same word is boring for readers. So ensure you remain interesting and start sentences with a variety of words.

Paragraph Length

Breaking up your content into bullet points, shorter paragraphs and adding images can all work in your favour.

Sentence Length

Stay away from the looooong sentences. Shorter, punchier sentences keep readers engaged.

Focus Word/ Keyphrase

Ensure you have your focus keyword in the right places and at the right intensity. Too few and it is useless. Too many, and the readers may feel your are treating them like they are stupid.

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