Top search trends for 2020 – South Africa

Sonic Digital Media Google trend report for 2020

It is always great to look back over the year’s trend searches and see what the consumers were searching for. It can show us what is on the minds and in the hearts of South Africans.

Trending Personalities – Loss

2020, not a great year for loss in the world, but the top search terms for the deaths of their personalities include a mix of local and global losses.

The top trends for political figures are mainly linked to the USA elections.

The top trending questions are more local. The concerns around employment grants and  the family  meetings that the president gives.

When we look at recipes, South Africans are searching for, Food and Pineapple Beer.

Based on the alcohol bans, it was quite a fun adventure.

The top South African Personality searches.

Top trending searches are mostly linked to the coronavirus. 

Global Trends

When we look back on the search terms for the year, it is shows insights into the minds of the consumers and what is concerns them today.

2020 overshadowed by the Coronavirus and the US Election at the end of the year.

It is interesting that there are not more searches for jobs, employment and Ters, as it was a hot topic over the year. Worldwide, searches for food gardens is a new trend. 

The USA media was rich in protesting and Black Lives Matter information. “How to change the world”, is really inspirational. 

Some funny searches included “How to cut your own hair.” As consumers were stuck at home with strict lockdowns, they started getting desperate for a hair cut or colour. 

2021 is most likely going to be slightly different. With the USA elections out of the way, the movement will be focused on business, working, new opportunities and moving past the pandemic to try normalise the world a bit. We can hope that the year will be less politically charged as the USA works towards reconciliation.

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