Which online channel is best for Sales?

This is the first question we get from all of our clients. 

The purpose of all companies is to generate sales, either through the sales of physical products, or via the exchange of a service.

Industries differ based on the target market. Business to Business vs Consumer based business strategies are worlds apart, and there are so many businesses and brands that are confused on what channels will best support their objectives.

Some see opening up accounts across as many social media channels as they can as a strategy, but this is not necessarily the best option to be following.

Understanding that your business has a digital ecosystem and all your information is evaluated and assessed by how they are performing. If you are not spending enough time, energy and money on each of the platforms, you can actually be penalised on your ranking and costs of your most important channel for lead generation, Google.

All marketing, Ad spend and content development and promotions require a detailed strategy based on the objectives of the business.

Identifying target markets and expectations is crucial to identify the channels you should be using.

Google Ads in their various forms, be it search, display, shopping or video are the cheapest form of lead generation in South Africa. 

They surpassed email as the best performers, and since the consumer privacy act came into play, (PoPi Act), emails are just seen as spam and mainly used by scammers. 

Social Media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter need a content calendar so that the posts can be scheduled accordingly. 

They also need to be moderated to ensure your page is not being spammed as well as being on hand to answer potential customer’s questions and queries.

Ideally, you should have more than one person with access to your page, so they can ensure they are visiting the page and responding efficiently as often as they can. Moderation of a page/platform is the most underrated job in the digital world right now.

Promoting, boosting and marketing your posts and content is critical. Only between 4-7% of your content is seen by your fans. This is because of the algorithms that are in place to serve people what they are interested in and spend time on. If you are not boosting to your audience regularly, you will fall off their timeline.

Google Lead generation to your website is so important as this is the most direct form of marketing where the consumer has searched for your service or product, found your website, done some research or comparisons and has taken the time to reach out. Half the job is done. All you need to do, is to ensure you have processed in place to respond to them timeously and get them in and committed to a sale or booking.

This is the one job that the digital world cannot do better than a human. Leaving this up to a sub-par employee is not best option. You need to ensure you have brilliant front office staff or sales people responding to these leads and keeping track of the acquisition in order to measure the efficacy of the campaigns.

Reporting and analytics is so underrated. Measuring the success of the leads generated by value is essential to ensuring you are following the right strategy. Not measuring the campaigns can lead to long term waste of valuable budget and despondency in the mediums overall. 

In Summary, Have a strategy and objectives in place, Select your channels, Map your plan and content and measure, measure, measure! 

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